Ljuban Rajić

Ljuban_RajicLjuban Rajić was born in 1976. His first instrument was a piano and he started playing it when he was 8. Many, many years later, Ljuban first saw a cajon, gave it couple of slams and then bought one. It didn’t take long for him to start experimenting with various styles and ways of playing it, and finaly, he joined Veja.

Ljuban is probably the guy with the most nicknames in the town where he lives, many of which came with improper pronounciation of his name (try it for yourself). His profession is pargeting and wall painting.

Ljuban plays Walter percussions cajon, Stagg cymbals and tambourins and a RhythmTech cabasa.

Advancing in music, Ljuban started taking singing lessons from the Veja’s lead vocal Goran, and is now on its way to sing backing vocals in some of the songs Veja plays. As he says, combining foreign instruments with traditional singing is a challenge he accepted.