Goran Farkaš


Goran Farkaš was born in 1989. He showed interest for tradition from his early age. During elementary school he attended several courses for playing Istrian traditional instruments which served as a good base for profiling his musical interest.

Goran uses istrian bagpipes made by Franko Kos, croatian bagpipes from an unknown artist, string instruments made by Dario Marušić, and a violin made by the most famous istrian builder Ottavio Štokovac.

By playing in different arrangements and exploring various tradition music and instrument, Goran profiled himself as one of the best-knowledged young musicians in Istrian area who oftenly offers to help in various engagements.

TradInEtno festival, which Goran originaly started, now turned in quite known festival in ethno and world music terms. Goran keeps his role as the main organizer and keeps working with young people interested in ethno/folk/world music. When taking breaks from festivals and gigs, he created music for theaters and plays.