Veja is a Croatian world music band. It’s focused on researching Istrian traditional folk music and performing the same in more modern arrangements by using various traditional instruments from all over the world. Up to now, Veja has had many performances around Europe.

Members are: Goran Farkaš (vocal, mih, fiddle, bagpipes, kaval, tambura), Saša Farkaš (guitar, tambura), Marko Pernić (vocal, accordion), Sebastijan Demark (bass guitar), Ljuban Rajić (cajon, percussions) and Marijan Jelenić (sound designer and engineer).

Veja - Pazin


Perhaps the ancestors of Veja’s members would at first be astounded with the way in which their descendants are using mih (Istrian bagpipes), gajde (Slavonian bagpipes), kaval, fiddle, accordion and guitar together with bass guitar, djembe and cajon, but in time they would accept the fact that everything changes – thus grows, and all that grows – lives, inspires and opens new opportunities for creativity.

Veja has released its first CD named “Dolina mlinova”. Check it up by clicking on the image below.